• If a mailbox is damaged by Road Commission equipment during maintenance operations, the property owner may receive a new standard mailbox and/or post as a replacement. This document is providing guidance for appropriate procedures to follow when mailboxes are damaged during maintenance operations.

    • The mailbox and/or post must be physically hit by equipment; damage from the force of snow or ice coming off the plow blade will not qualify for replacement.
    • Amy previously existing mailbox or post that was a fancy ornate type will only be replaced with a standard type box/post as approved by the US Postal Service.

    The property owner is responsible to remove the damaged mailbox/post and to install the replacement mailbox/post using installation standards acceptable and a approved by the United States Postal Service and Mason County Road Commission.  Standard mailboxes and posts can be picked up at 510 East State Street, Scottville MI, 49454.  Office is open Monday through Friday, except on holidays or observed holidays established by the Board.  Pickup between the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

    The property owner must provide the actual damaged mailbox/post for inspection before a new standard mailbox and /or single post can be issued.  Upon receipt of a new mailbox and/or post, the property owner is expected to sign a register and provide address.

    Road agencies are not legally required or obligated by statute to repair, replace or compensate the owners of private mailboxes located in the public road right of way.  However, the Road Commission is not insensitive to the inconveniences and has adopted this policy regarding mailbox damage.

  • Seasonal roads will not be snowplowed by the road commission unless the commission determines that plowing a seasonal road (or a portion of it) is in the best interest of the road commission. Any request for winter service on a seasonal road must be brought to the board for consideration.

  • It is the road commission’s policy to remove and dispose of deer in the right-of-way that pose a safety or health threat. Any other animals located in the ditch or roadway may not be removed. Deer outside the right-of-way and other animals will be the responsibility of the property owner. Deer removal will only be done during normal working hours.

  • When agency documents are not publicly available, a written Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request may be submitted along with an accompanying fee. For more details on the process for obtaining FOIA documents, as well as on the required fees, please see our FOIA page.

  • Rest Area

    Open from April 1st to December 1st of each year. The rest area is maintained by the Mason County Road Commission. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Michigan Department of Transportation at 800-943-6368 or the Mason County Road Commission at 231-757-2882.


    For state Adopt-A-Highway information, please call the Michigan Department of Transportation at 800-973-6368. For Mason County primary roads, you may call the Mason County Road Commission at 231-757-2882.

    Seasonal Roads

    For seasonal roads, please refer to the county map. Download the County Map
    Or, you can contact the Mason County Road Commission for more information. Seasonal roads are not maintained during the winter months but are still under the jurisdiction of the Mason County Road Commission.

    Brush and Tree Cutting

    Roadside mowing is ongoing all summer. There are approximately 1000 miles of roadside that are cut twice making it a total of 2000 miles maintained each summer. Trees, brush, and grass that are in the right of way that may impede vision may be cut or removed by the Mason County Road Commission.

    Weight Limits on Bridges

    Please contact the Manager/Director of the Mason County Road Commission for information on the weight limits for bridges and their locations. Please call 231-757-2882.

    Designated Truck Routes

    Designated Truck Routes are shown on the county map. Download the County Map. 

    Specialty Designated Routes

    Specialty Designated Truck Routes are by permit only. See Special Permits (missing link).

    Winter Schedule and Maintenance

    Please click here for the Winter Policy.

    Please click here for the Winter Maintenance Operations.


    ORVs are allowed to operate on Mason County Road Commission maintained roads. Individual townships have passed ordinances. ORV operators are advised to review those ordinances, which are all are under the tab resource on our home page,  in order to remain in compliance.  Please keep in mind that any state highways are not included as ORV approved routes.

    Spring Weight Restrictions

    Stay tuned for information as it become available.