MDOT is applying for a U.S. Department of Transportation Bridge Investment Program grant to repair local bridges in the state.

The bridge located in Custer Township was built in the early 1900’s and was partially reconstructed in 1973, according to Mason County Highway Engineer Eric Nelson of the Mason County Road Commission.

“The bridge condition on a scale of 1 to 10 is a 3,” he said. “10 being the best and 1 being the worst.”

The bridge is load rated for 27 tons, which is not a lot weight, according to Nelson

“That is only 5,400 reconstruction pounds, which a cement truck weighs close to that almost empty with hardly any cement. An empty truck will weigh almost 5,400 pounds. That is 27 tons right there without anything in it. Basically it really limits the amount that can be hauled over that bridge.”

Nelson said vehicles and cars are fine to cross over the bridge.

“The anticipated detour around the bridge would be Poplar Road, to Reek Road to U.S. 10 to Custer Road down main street back over to Wilson Road,” Nelson said.

MCRC was contacted by a local agency who is applying for a federal grant in a bridge bundling Program, according to Nelson.

He said they pick certain bridges under a certain criteria, — which he was not sure of what the criteria was at the time.

According to Nelson the group under the bridge bundling program applies for a federal grant and MDOT does the design of the bridge, they manage the construction and do the oversight for it.

MCRC will not know if Wilson Road bridge has been selected to receive any federal funding until next year, according to Nelson.

“On this bridge bundle program it sounds like MDOT basically takes care of almost all of it (cost),” Nelson said. “The group picks a bunch of bridges that meet a certain criteria, obviously that have to be in poor shape and then they apply for a federal grant. If they are successful with it then the bridge will be reconstructed in 2026.”

“We have a total of 39 bridges that are available for funding by MDOT,” he said. “35 of the 39 are in good or fair condition or above. We have four that are in need of repairs, Wilson Road bridge being one of them.”