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Notice of Upcoming Project Fall of 2024: North Lakeshore Drive at S. Bayou

The Mason County Road Commission and Hamlin Township will be overseeing the reconstructing of the structure on N. Lakeshore Drive at the S. Bayou of Hamlin Lake.

The existing culvert was designed by R.E. Lunde in the fall/winter of 1974. Based on sketches and field notes the project was constructed in the winter/spring of 1975. According to the records, the multi-plate metal arch culvert is a 15’-3” span by 9’-4” rise approximately 30’ in length. The steel sheet pile retaining wall is comprised of approximately 228 linear feet of 15’ long sheets. The existing culvert is almost 50 years old and is in very poor condition.

Bids were taken by the Mason County Road Commission for replacement of this structure on March 26th, 2024. Hardman Construction, Inc. from Ludington was the confirmed low bidder at $819,369. The existing metal culvert will be replaced with a 10’ x 10’ x 33’ long concrete box culvert. There is approximately 212 linear feet of new steel sheeting that will be installed with this project. The project is funded by the MCRC and Hamlin Township.

The project is anticipated to start after September 3, 2024 (Labor Day Holiday) and the roadway will be open to traffic by November 8, 2024. The entire project will be completed by November 26th, 2024. Lakeshore Drive from Neil Road north approximately 350’ will be closed to all traffic during this project. All Lakeshore Drive traffic north of the S. Bayou will need to take the detour route.

On behalf of the Mason County Road Commission and Hamlin Township, we appreciate your cooperation during the project.

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