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The Mason County Road Commission (MCRC) has purchased approximately 2.8 acres behind Family Fare (formerly Shop-N-Save) for a future all season roadway between South Jebavy Drive & Pere Marquette Highway. South Jebavy Drive from US-10 south was classified as a local road which is under the jurisdiction of the MCRC. The MCRC has been working with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) to reclassify S. Jebavy Drive as a Minor Collector. As a Minor collector, the roadway will be eligible for MDOT funding. With the recent purchase of the property behind Family Fare, S Jebavy Drive will be able to be connected to PM Highway. This connection of roads from US-10, S. Jebavy Drive east to PM Highway, the future roadway, will provide an “all season roadway” which will provide year-round access for the businesses on S. Jebavy Drive. Currently, S. Jebavy drive is subject to weight restrictions during February/March/April. Once South Jebavy Drive and the connector road between S. Jebavy Drive and PM Highway is reconstructed/constructed to all season standards, the roadway will be usable to all legal loads 12 months of the year. Pere Marquette Township will be working with the MCRC to make improvements to water & sanitary sewer in conjunction with the future road reconstruction. MDOT and the MCRC are working together to determine if any improvements will be needed at the intersection of US-10 and Jebavy Drive. It is anticipated that S. Jebavy Drive and the connecting road to PM Highway will be reconstructed/constructed by 2026.

Notice of future roadway connecting US-10 to PM Highway 12-2-2022