Utility Permits

Utility Annual Permit – $150 Per Year
Annual Utility Permits allow maintenance of leads or services to the Utility Company’s customers within the Right Of Way of Roads under the jurisdiction of the Mason County Road Commission.

Permits apply to general and emergency maintenance and repair of existing facilities. They shall cover utilities, underground less than 2”, as well as any, overhead not requiring a new pole. Permit shall cover maintenance tree trimming but shall not supercede the property owner’s rights. Utility Company is required to submit an advance notice of permitted activity on their annual permit application to the Mason County Road Commission. All Utility Company activities will comply with the current edition of the Michigan Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

Utility Installation Permits – $50 Minimum One Mile or Less
Aerial Line Plowed Cable or Plowed Pipe under 4” diameter
$35.00 each additional mile

Trenched Utilities – $50 Minimum for 1000′
$ 0.05 per foot in excess of 1000’

Utility Inspection (When Required) – $50 Per Hour
Shall be required when the County Engineer determines that an MCRC inspector is necessary to oversee the installation of said utilities.


Instructions for the applicant

  1. Open the application form using Adobe Reader software (it’s free and downloadable from a wide variety of sources).
  2. Enter all the appropriate information into the “fillable fields” so that we can process your application.  If you cannot see the “fillable fields” then look for a command called “Highlight Fields” to turn on the color coding of those areas on the form.
  3. When you have filled in all the information, place your digital signature in the signature field to complete your application.
  4. Save the completed application with a distinct file name.
  5. Attach this file to an e-mail to our Mason County Road Commission permit department at permits@masoncountyroads.com.
  6. The Mason County Road Commission will complete the issuing of the permit and e-mail the final document back to you.

Note: If you do not sign with a digital signature, print the form, sign, scan and email the document back to the Mason County Road Commission permit department at permits@masoncountyroads.com.

Please make checks payable to Mason County Road Commission.

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