Insurance Bonding

Bonding Requirement – $25,000 Per Permit
The Mason County Road Commission shall require a $25,000 bond on all Construction and Utility Permits. A Letter of Credit, Letter of Indemnification, Cash Deposit or other acceptable commitment may be used in lieu of a bond.

Insurance Requirements:

The Mason County Road Commission shall require a Certificate of Insurance accompany all Permit Applications effective for the life of the permit. The Certificate of Insurance shall include: “The Mason County Road Commission, its board and all employees of Mason County Road Commission are named additional insured.”

Insurance coverage for liability and property damage shall be at least the following:

1) Property Damage Liability – $1,000,000 Per Occurrence

2) Bodily Injury Liability – $1,000,000 Per Occurrence

3) Bodily Injury Liability – $5,000 Per Person

4) Worker’s Compensation – Statutory Coverage

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