Residential, Field and Temporary Construction Drives – $25 Each
Fee applies to the construction of new Non-commercial drives, and must be paid in advance.

Reconstruct Existing Drive – $10 Each
Reconstructed drives must meet current MCRC standards.

Commercial Drive – $50 Each
Fee applies to the construction of new commercial drives and must be paid in advance.

Road Crossing Bore (Up to 4 inch diameter) – $50 Each

Road Crossing Bore (Larger than 4 inch diameter) – $100 Each
Applies to bore operations beneath all roads under the jurisdiction of the Mason County Road Commission. For transverse bore only, longitudinal bore will use Utility Installation Schedule.

Road Crossing Open Cut (Less than 4 feet deep) – $200 Each

Road Crossing Open Cut (More than 4 feet deep) – $400 Each
Contractor is required to hire testing firm to perform density testing of backfill materials to ensure compaction. In addition, if the County Engineer determines that an MCRC inspector is also necessary to oversee the open-cut operation, the contractor must pay $50.00 per hour for this inspection. Minimum charge is for two hours ($100.00) which is non-refundable. For transverse cut only, longitudinal cut will use Utility Installation Schedule.

Ditch Closure – $50 Per Parcel
Will only be approved if property owner can maintain a swale ditch that is at least 18″ below edge of shoulder. Acceptable tile materials are: CMP, Concrete, or DWPE (dual wall polyethylene plastic pipe.) DWPE can only be used when there is at least 2 1/2′ of cover over pipe. Each closure is subject to approval by the County Engineer.

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