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Gordon Road Construction Update: Gordon Road from US-10 to Hansen Road

The existing roadway is being reconstructed with drainage improvements, adding gravel to the existing road, “pulverizing” (grinding up) the existing HMA roadway, and paving with HMA. The existing 20’ wide HMA roadway will be 22’ wide HMA after construction. Sections of the roadway will be widened to 26’ wide with HMA valley gutter. The shoulders will also be improved.

Road reconstruction projects are by nature inconvenient for the motoring public and residents who live on the road. The residents who live along the road will have access maintained to the roadway and their driveways. Please allow additional time when leaving or returning to your residence. There will be times when the project is dirty, dusty, and noisy during the construction project. Please be careful when driving and approaching workers and construction equipment. Make sure the equipment operator sees you before you get close to him.

The MCRC has signs and barricades set up to warn motorists about the construction project. The project is anticipated to be substantially completed by July 3rd, 2024. The MCRC & Amber Township appreciates your patience and cooperation during this project.

Traffic should seek alternate routes when possible.