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2024 Pavement Marking Project Various Local & Primary Roads North Half of Mason County

Numerous County Local & Primary Roads are getting a fresh coat of yellow centerline and white edge line (Primary Roads Only) in the North half of Mason County. The Local & Primary Roads in the South half of Mason County were painted last year. Michigan Pavement Marking, Inc. from Byron Center, Michigan is the Pavement Marking Contractor.

The Pavement Marking project has started this week and should be substantially completed by June 30th. There are Rail-Road Crossing Symbols, Left Turn, Right Turn Arrows will also be completed at a later date. The Contractor will place cones alongside of the wet paint. Please do not cross the pavement markings when the cones are alongside the wet pavement marking if possible.

The approximate cost of the pavement marking is $90,000 and is funded by the MCRC.

Thank you for your cooperation.